Wednesday, June 19, 2013


If you visit my blog often, you know I am a fan of the BATMAN TV Series and love good art :)  Some have been excited about the NEW product that is coming out this Fall from various companies.  Normally, I get excited too and would like to add a few things to my collection.  When I collect things, packaging is important to me.  When I saw this packaging and several other items packaged like this for the upcoming releases...I scratched my head.  First of all, the lettering doesn't look good.  It should be colorful, well designed and look like something out of the TV series and it doesn't.  Then my eyes move to the art immediately.....and what I see, looks nothing like the TV series that I have been watching for many years.  WHY????!!!  This doesn't make any sense.  Many have said it is DC COMICS way of making it match their universe :)  If you are going to put product out based on the TV series, it should reflect the TV series and nothing else.  That is just my opinion.

    So many things are in the wrong hands these days.  Maybe one day, the people who are in charge of merchandising characters will ask experts or fans what they think and then maybe it will get done right.  A few things were done right a few years back when someone hired my friend Alex Ross to do a painting of the Barris Batmobile for a few racing sets and models.  That looked GREAT!  Now that these products can reflect the image of Adam West and Burt Ward and the other actors...why not put pictures of the actors on the packaging?

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