Friday, November 02, 2012


 They are in at  THANKS to Kevin Kriess!

On the PLUS side these are beautifully scuplted by TONY CIPRIANO and I love the paint job as well!  They are also larger than expected!  Overall...they are a MUST for any RANKIN/BASS collection!

On the negative side...I opened them up and it became a NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS.  I spent over an hour trying to get them to stand up on the bases and ultimately had to put screws through the base to support them.   If you are not handy with things like resin kits, leave them in the package.   The figures are a very soft rubber/plastic and want to lean forward.   Both of Dracula's feet broke off.  There is no way they will stand up on their own and as I spent this time getting them situated..was yelling curse words non-stop :)
It looks like TONY CIPRIANO left holes for them to attach to pegs in the base BUT the manufacturer did not put pegs in the base.   If they were resin or hard plastic, they might stand BUT they are soft vinyl.

Like I said, these are a must for any RANKIN/BASS collection BUT you may want to keep them in the package :)

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