Sunday, June 20, 2010

I had a nice Father's Day with Sara and Josh today! We had lunch at one of my favorite places...Ted Turner's TED'S BISON GRILL!
We also went to the show to see PIXAR'S TOY STORY 3! Enjoyed Teddy Newton's NIGHT & was an artsy short that reflected back to the old Academy Award winning shorts by UPA and Chuck Jones. TOY STORY 3 had a little too many chase scenes for me BUT the ending made it all worth it with Romeo Muller style heart and warmth and will bring a tear to your eye. We had to sit through about 25 minutes of trailers again, that I can only describe as TRAILER TRASH! These were for upcoming films (Most poorly CGI animated) from DREAMWORKS, DISNEY, etc. These companies have no clue what make a movie special and make sure they have star talent doing the voices and make a big deal out of the 3-D. This is all they have. I didn't hear one single laugh during the whole bunch of them.

We picked up the TOY STORY 2 BLU RAY last night (My favorite film of the trio) and it has a GREAT tribute doc on my late friend JOE RANFT!

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