Sunday, September 21, 2008

A very cool trip to FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA to visit the home of JAMES DEAN!

James Dean would have been 78 this year and next weekend is the 53rd Anniversary of his untimely death. Josh and I paid a visit to PARK CEMETERY and the Winslow farm and home. It was a beautiful day to visit with his cousin Marcus Winslow, Jr. on the farm. Many more pictures to follow. Jimmy is our favorite actor.

The INDIAN MOTORCYCLE SHOP is where Jimmy bought his first motorcycle (Which is on display at the FAIRMOUNT HISTORICAL MUSEUM).

A bronze statue of Jimmy by artist Kenneth Kendall in Mark's office. It is exactly like the one that was stolen many years ago at PARK CEMETERY.

Vintage Cars in the Winslow garage. Yes...that is a FIRE TRUCK you see in the background. Mark was a fireman for thirty plus years.
Marky was James' cousin but he was like having a little brother to James. Jimmy was 13 when Marky was born. Jimmy was raised by his aunt and uncle.

Mark Winslow on the farm

Mark tells me that Dean Jeffries did the original detail on Jimmy's Spyder, even though George Barris takes credit for it. He also wishes they would have kept COMPETITION MOTORS open as a museum BUT they tore it down in recent years.
JAMES DEAN jeans. Some of his original jeans from GIANT, etc. are on display at the Fairmount historical museum.

the Fairmount bank

Josh walking through downtown Fairmount, Indiana

Marky & James on the side of the Winslow home when Marky was age 11

Josh and Mark "Marky" Winslow out in front of the Winslow home w/ Rocky the dog

This car is the color of a vintage stratocaster Josh was interested in.

The Winslow home (Where James Dean grew up)

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