Wednesday, February 21, 2007

COOL McCOOL DVD set arrives!

A while back I mentioned this COOL 'COOL McCOOL' DVD set I assisted with and it arrived yesterday! I think it hits the stores in a few weeks. This was the first cartoon show I remember drawing the characters off of the TV set when I was a very small boy. My late friend BOB McFADDEN did the voice of the lead character in a JACK BENNY style (He did the voice for my voice mail too!) and the GREAT CHUCK McCANN did voices on the show as well and is featured on the DVD set to Producer and friend WALLY WINGERT's credit! The animation is not as top notch as I remember it and it was done by AL BRODAX (BEATLES Cartoons) BUT there are segments that look good and I enjoy all the same. COOL was created by BOB KANE (BATMAN's creator) and I love the KING FEATURES logo at the end of the cartoons. If you love may want to pick up this set!

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