Tuesday, August 08, 2006


RANKIN/BASS and MODELS? YES! TIME & SPACE TOYS had the BEST booth at this year's WIZARD WORLD CONVENTION in CHICAGO! We had the original ANIMAGIC Production figures of RUDOLPH & SANTA, Beautiful Models Lela (Portraying a character from STARGATE on one side of the booth) and Laura (Portraying a RANKIN/BASS Girl Elf), SANTA CLAUS (Tom Frederick) and RARE clips on TV with all kinds of RANKIN/BASS merchandise! It was GREAT! SANTA was even interviewed (As was I) for a CHICAGO area TV Show that will air closer to CHRISTMAS. KEVIN and www.timeandspacetoys.com are taking a similar event to PENNSYLVANIA this December! You won't want to miss it if you live near there! Also, in about a month or so, NECA is issueing a new line of YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUS Action figures and Products! YES...the HEAT & SNOW MISERS will be available again! They used the sculpts from the GREAT line that PACIFIC PALISADES did about four years ago for SUNCOAST, SAM GOODY, etc. These are some of the BEST RANKIN/BASS figures to be released! You will be able to order from TIME & SPACE TOYS!

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