Monday, July 24, 2006

NEW GIN BLOSSOMS CD out August 8th!

NEW CD! #3 from GIN BLOSSOMS will be available AUGUST 8th! As you may know, GIN BLOSSOMS are like brothers to me. They were gracious enough to appear on my CD and they are quite frankly, a GREAT Rock band! It took about 10 years for their 3rd CD to be released. I have heard the tracks over the past few years both in ROBIN's studio and at their live shows BUT that didn't prepare me for the polished CD release that JOHN HAMPTON assisted with. This CD is 100% Solid ...all 12 tracks are GREAT! Some standouts include "Long Time Gone," "The End Of The World," "Supergirl" and of course the single "Learning the hard way." Just a GREAT CD! Check the tracks out at and check the Blossoms site at !!!!

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