Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I watched the John Ford classic THE SEARCHERS last night in VISTAVISION and TECHNICOLOR and what an Amazing film! John Wayne gives an Oscar Worthy performance in this one and it is THE most beautiful representation of the old West ever shot on film. I had to watch all the extras and then head off to the gym! Jeffrey Hunter should have won best supporting actor and Natalie Wood plays Debbie fresh from her Oscar nominated performance in REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE. Lana Wood plays Debbie as a child. The story is most effective and I wish film makers of today would learn from a film like this (Some have). Most of the violence is hinted at or talked about, it is not shown and it doesn't need to be and is even more effective than showing it (Which most of today's film makers do?). Mike Nesmith got the idea for the classic MONKEE shirts from Wayne's shirt in this film and several others. A true classic!

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