Monday, April 12, 2010

I delved back into my JOHN WAYNE 100th ANNIVERSARY DVD box set of HOWARD HAWK's classic film RIO BRAVO last night! Absolutely one of my favorite films for many reasons. This is one of the best box sets ever issued with a beautiful reporduction of both the DELL COMIC BOOK and the WB PRESS BOOK. Magnificent performances by everyone in the cast including the wonderful Walter Brennan. John Wayne reinvents himself, Dean Martin gives an oscar worthy performance and 18 year old Ricky Nelson was perfectly cast as Colorado. Angie Dickenson was strong and beautiful!

artwork by JACK DAVIS
When Dean was ill in the hospital in 1993, I mailed him a package of my friend Jack Davis' recent western art. Dean absolutely loved westerns and was very proud of his role in RIO BRAVO. Dean responded with some signed photos to me.

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