Monday, February 20, 2017


A Superman coloring book I had as a kid..

More 20th Anniversary books due in Friday! We keep selling out..

Jim Henson's SAM & FRIENDS is a favorite!


I finally framed up my signed stuff from IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE

Great moments with Mr. Lincoln

Happy President's day!

Happy President's day!  To make it fun, besides the free cd with orders, I will also offer a CD disc with book orders that has the sensational soundtrack to The Daydreamer!  In addition to the soundtrack, it has a long interview I did in the studio with Rankin/Bass composer/conductor Maury Laws and four demos meant for Jerry Lewis projects, including "Hey Bellboy!" #jerrylewis #thedaydreamer #maurylaws #Rankinbass #sale #presidentsday Today only! Must mention Daydreamer in comments.

Maybe my favorite solo Jerry Lewis film! 🎥 Watching..

Francesca art

A little something I did to list on EBay..

Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Comic Strip

In 1987, Rankin/Bass Productions produced a syndicated series called THE COMIC STRIP, which contained Tigersharks, Mini-Monsters, Karate Kat and Street Frogs.   I will include a dvd as a added bonus, during our sale this weekend at with any book purchase.  Must mention COMIC STRIP in comments. #thecomicstrip #minimonsters #tigersharks #streetfrogs #karatekat

Friday, February 17, 2017

Our Valentine lunch at Biaggis 💝

Howdy Doody's Magic Hat

I love the design of this Gene Deitch directed UPA cartoon, Howdy Doody's Magic Hat!  It used paper cut outs to tell the story in 1954.  I just reread the book SAY KIDS!  WHAT TIME IS IT?, and this was just before The Mickey Mouse Club stole Howdy's Magic Hat and magic ratings. #UPA #Thehowdydoodyshow #genedeitch #animation #culpeper #cartoon

President's day sale starts now!

🇺🇸 #presidentsdaysale #sale #books #shirts #Rankinbass #entertainment #holiday #godblessamerica Starts now! 🇺🇸

Thursday, February 16, 2017

It's Hugh Beaumont's birthday!

Rankin/Bass' The Hobbit

I will include free cd discs of The Hobbit song soundtrack with book orders today at #thehobbit #Rankinbass #hobbit #jrrtolkien #40thanniversary

The Weatherman

Some old pictures of me from Alsip

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley RCA bonus features

Designed by my pal Jerry Eisenberg

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Peter Potamus Show

Hippo Hurricane Holler!!! I need to use up my Purex soap, to get the Bubble Club cloth membership badge out  #Hannabarbera #purex #peterpotamus #thepeterpotamusshow #bubbleclub