Monday, June 26, 2017

Half Price Books Bethel Park, PA

The Honeymooners


Screen Gems friends in 1960

Elvis at his best!

You can also visit through his website..

If you live in the Pittsburgh area (Evans), check out my friend Kevin's store/museum!

Rankin/Bass book signing at Half Price Books in Bethel Park, PA Today! I will be there 2-4 pm! 4000 Oxford lane

Cool package delivery in Pittsburgh!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Beatles

The Curse of the Werewolf

I was a teenage Frankenstein

Two Garys

Monster Bash

The Mouseketeers were in my neck of the woods, while I was in Pittsburgh!

Vote for Batman


Planet of the Apes


Bugs Bunny



Saturday, June 24, 2017


Terry Moore is here!


Mr. Whoopee

Marilyn Munster

The panel

The Revenge of the Creature

The Creature


Mad Monster Party panel discussion

E.T. phone home!


Ricou liked my 3-D realist slides from Creature Walks Among us

The Creature walks among us

Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein

Larry Storch at my booth!

Land of the Giants

Gary Conway

How to make a monster

Gary Clarke

Gary wrote for Get Smart and created Hymie the robot.

How to make a Monster

Friday, June 23, 2017

Monster Bash is a Bash!


Rankin/Bass' Mad, Mad, Mad Monsters


Norman the bellhop (My pal Bradley Bolke), ironically called me after I landed in Pittsburgh at baggage claim 👻 He was a big fan of the classic monsters in Rankin/Bass Mad, Mad, Mad Monsters and the closest character to Jerry Lewis that Rankin/Bass ever came.  #monsterbash #bradleybolke