Monday, November 20, 2017

20 year Anniversary

Today is the 20th Anniversary of my first book The Enchanted World of Rankin/Bass: A Portfolio, which is now a 412 page mostly color hardcover in the 20th Anniversary Edition (Co-Authored with Wes Garlatz). The original First Edition was 176 pages and when the Hardcover sold out, it was selling for $600-700 via used book dealers. I am very happy that we were able to make it a much better and bigger book for the Anniversary! #theenchantedworldofrankinbass

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My neighbor George brought one of his friends over, Shaunna, that wanted her Rudolph book signed πŸŽ…

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Earle Hyman/Panthro R.I.P.

Earle Hyman R.I.P. Panthro/King Awgawa

David is in our prayers...

Mickey had a birthday the other day!

Follow That Dream

ABC 7 will run their piece on me by Jesse Kirsch Wednesday, with the 20/20 airing.

Josh and I found a nice Mexican restaurant in Itasca, IL

The Monkees


Frosty at Denny's (Thanks Doug Winn)

We are playing a charity show at Long Shots in Joliet January 27th at 7 pm

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Derek 🎨

Setzer πŸŽ…

Big book!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Season's Greetings

Twenty years 11-20-2017


Jesse Kirsch

ABC7 went live here a short while ago...segment coming later to their digital platform πŸŽ₯🎬

This will air in conjunction with ABC's special edition of 20/20 called "Lights, Camera, Christmas" Wednesday November 22nd at 9 pm.  I will share the link once the story is posted.

Look who is coming here this morning!

Tuesday! 🎨🎸

Tuesday will be Rockin' too!