Tuesday, December 11, 2007

RUDOLPH doesn't shine so bright on CBS!

"You mean you never heard the story about how CBS messed up our show? Well, pull up an iceberg and lend an ear!" I never heard so many complaints about the annual airing of RUDOLPH on the network, as I did at my appearances this year. Apparently CBS not only time compressed the whole show BUT they even shortened songs and took out the instrumental section of "we are Santa's elves" again. But apparently the worst thing they did was use sections of both the animation from "Fame & Fortune" and the "We're a couple of misfits" animation and mixed it together during the abridged version of the song "We're a couple of misfits" and Rudolph & Hermey's mouths were not moving when they should have been and vice versa. Who edited this??? I would be happy to help get the correct version of the show on air for the first time since 1964 and help put together a Documentary that would include all of the members of RANKIN/BASS as well as the voice actor cast! This is the longest running, Highest rated TV Special (Not just Christmas) of all-time and CBS needs to start treating it as such! On the commercials they said it is Re-Mastered and High Definition? They still are not showing the PEPPERMINT MINE sequence that was restored to the DVD version in 1998. It hasn't aired on the networks since 1964?

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