Sunday, December 09, 2007

BROOKFIELD ZOO Saturday Night! HUGE Turnout!

My Mom took all of the following pictures...
We had a very enjoyable time at BROOKFIELD ZOO'S Holiday Magic Saturday night! If you can make it out Sunday night, I would strongly recommend it! We want to THANK Ken Grezslo and the ZOO for putting on a wonderful event for all! I signed and drew in many, many books!

The book line got so long, that Kevin had to do the question and answers on the mike alone.

The weather was bad last weekend, so HOLIDAY MAGIC actually began tonight!

RUDOLPH'S Nose was Shining bright!

We will be back tonight and I will have more DVDs!

The HOLLY, JOLLY stage...

RANKIN/BASS Questions and answers....

This is part of our traveling RANKIN/BASS museum!

Kevin was interviewed by Philip Potempa for THE TIMES newspaper. The feature will come out between Christmas and New Year's Day!

The ZOO is decorated beautifully!

A Dancing Elf!

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