Tuesday, December 11, 2007

BROOKFIELD ZOO Part 2 Sunday Dec. 9th

The HOLLY, JOLLY Stage on a cold Winter's night...
Questions from the audience...

Trivia and Prizes! Prizes provided by www.timeandspacetoys.com
Kevin took questions from the audience while I signed books.

Could you Please draw RUDOLPH & CLARICE?
What was wrong with the Misfit girl doll?
Mark & Kevin talk RANKIN/BASS Merchandise at the zoo!

The threat of a storm kept some away....
THOSE FUNNY LITTLE PEOPLE danced on Sunday night too!

We want to THANK Ken Grzeslo and all the GREAT people at the BROOKFIELD ZOO for a wonderful RANKIN/BASS Event! They asked us to come back and we just may!

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