Saturday, December 23, 2006

I hate to bring the GRINCH out during the MOST Wonderful time of the year BUT...

Looks like BRENDA GOODMAN of the NEW YORK TIMES did the same thing that MEG JAMES of the LA TIMES did to me about four years ago. She constructs her article with information from my book and interview (IE. the original ANIMAGIC figures cost $5,000 to make) and gives me absolutely no credit or mention of I am quick to help with things like this and I literally spent about 2 hours of my time sending photos and doing an interview and this is the way they THANK me. I also gave some good background on ARTHUR RANKIN and JULES BASS that could have been used BUT was not. I am glad that and the CENTER FOR PUPPETRY ARTS were mentioned BUT an important part of the story was ignored and information was obtained without any acknowledgement and that is wrong in my book. This will make me think twice before assisting again with something like this. NOW....on to happier things! DR. RUS posted the radio interview I did with him the other day at It is under "Best of the LIVE LINE" Seamus, Mark and Chris posted some pictures of the restoral of RUDOLPH & SANTA on their webpage at I want to THANK Everyone who placed their order with us this HOLIDAY season! Hope your Holidays are Holly & Jolly!!!!

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