Friday, December 22, 2006

Heart & Warmth! ROMEO MULLER: Father Christmas!

As I did the Dr. Rus radio show this am in Buffalo, NY, I am inevitably asked "Why have these shows lasted so long?" My answer is always the fact that RANKIN/BASS shows have Heart & Warmth that is missing from today's entertainment and alot of that came from NY native and RANKIN/BASS writer ROMEO MULLER! Romeo's brother Gene e-mailed me very late last night and pointed out a few fun facts about his late brother! 1. I don't know if I ever mentioned this to you, but Ken Donnelley his life long friend told me after Rome past
away that he once told Rome how when he was a kid his family would go on vacation in the
Catskill Mountains in N.Y.He' would be in the back seat of the car and imagine a Monster peaking
over the top of the mountains,that was in he fifties.
When Rudolph was was aired in 64 Ken was living in California, he got a call form Rome who said to him"See if something's look formiliar to you in the show.
2.Once when Ken was in the service in the forties he brought his army buddy home along with
his soon to be bride.She was introduced to Rome. Her name was "Clarice" I'm not making this up.
3.We had a cousin that was my brothers age he was a chemical engineer but the two had a lot
in common model trains & British toy soldiers. His name, Herbert.
Now I can't swear to it and can't find it in any of his scripts but I think he ment Herbie not Hermie.
4. I had a god mother that I couldn't stand & either could Rome! They had an only child
and was spoiled to death
His father called him "Skipper",and used the expression "Thats My Buck" when he did something the father
approved of. Rome used to mimic him & sounded just like Donner.
5. I have been asked many times about the Doll in The Misfit Toys & yes it is a mystery.
Last, nothing to do with Rudolph but in his story of NOEL there is a sceen of the gandfather
kneeling under the tree watching an electric train with a gift bow stuck on his forehead.
That was our Dad every Christmas Eve when opening presents he would invariably stick a bow on his forehead.
I'd ask him about these things I'd see in the different stories & his answer would always be,
"Now What do think"!!
ROMEO was the BEST! Arthur Rankin, Jr. and Jules Bass REALLY knew how to pick talent!

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