Sunday, December 17, 2006


"Go to him!" "I have no gift to bring" Have you ever wondered why the line spoken about AARON just after he plays his drum for the newborn king...the line that says "It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen" is spoken by voice actor PAUL FREES and NOT GREER GARSON on the recent releases of the special on DVD? ANSWER: It was a mistake! One that may be corrected now that CLASSIC MEDIA was bought by a company in the UK named ENTERTAINMENT RIGHTS! Somehow, when THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY was remastered from 16mm B ROLL elements back in 1998, they managed to put in PAUL FREES scratch track for GREER GARSON in, where GARSON's voice should have been. I have the original GAS LP Soundtrack on CD (On EBAY under seller ANIMAGIC1) and it does have the correct GREER GARSON spoken lines. While the audio is improved on the DVD, it is not correct. Hopefully we will be able to correct ALOT of things, if ENTERTAINMENT RIGHTS involves me with the CLASSIC RANKIN/BASS DVD releases!

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