Monday, February 25, 2013


I don't know if it is even worth posting about BUT I watched the ACADEMY AWARDS, due to the rumor that all six James Bond actors would be appearing together for the 50th Anniversary (I knew Sean Connery would not do it).  The Producers say they didn't start that rumor BUT I think they did.  Just when I thought I have seen the worst of award shows; this one took the cake by far!  The whole thing looked like a bad SNL skit from start to finish.  I especially thought the presentation of BEST PICTURE, in part, by Michelle Obama was a joke :)  Then that annoying little reality star came back out at the end of the show to sing with Seth McFarland (Who hired him and especially HER)????  It doesn't get any worse than that.   The IN MEMORIAM was shameful!  Leaving out wonderful actors like Andy Griffith, Harry Carey, Jr., Tony Martin, Phyllis Diller, etc. and devoting four minutes to a composer with a song by Barbara Streisand.   It all comes down to the Producers of this thing.  They actually cut a guy short on his speech, by blasting music from JAWS, who was trying to wish someone that was ill to get well.  Yet they gave some of these so called "stars" lots of time to try to be funny as a dead silence came over the audience.  In my opinion, the only bright moment was Shirley Bassey belting out the title song from GOLDFINGER.  I will never watch or talk about another ACADEMY AWARDS show :)  I am sick and tired of the new "dumbed down" industry and modern day Hollywood!

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