Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We had a blast on the MANCOW show this am! What a gracious host and enjoyable holiday time!
On the air.....

FROSTY from http://www.timeandspacetoys.com/

MANCOW just moved to this studio about a week ago.

What a view! Got to see the snow begin to fall from this winter storm that is going on right now!
MISER BROS T-SHIRT courtesy of http://www.timeandspacetoys.com/

DAVID PLIER Vice President, Board of Directors Chairman from THE MUSEUM OF BROADCAST COMMUNICATIONS was a guest as well! What a GREAT guy! He talked about Governor Balgo's strong arming of the museum and the trouble he caused with their new location! He gave me another copy of the wonderful HARDROCK, COCO & JOE: THE THREE LITTLE DWARVES/SUZY SNOWFLAKE/FROSTY THE SNOWMAN/PETER COTTONTAIL (UPA) DVD for my kids! You can buy your copy at http://www.museum.tv/ Purchases there assist the MUSEUM in finding a new location!

MANCOW at work...
I had head phone hair.

This is my new pal TOM from Oak Lawn! I want to work at WLS with him! PAT CASSIDY is in the background...what a GREAT guy and a great voice on the radio!

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