Monday, December 15, 2008

BOOK orders...

JINGLE, JINGLE, JINGLE...I CAN HEAR THOSE SLEIGH BELLS RING, I AM OL' KRIS KRINGLE, I'M THE KING OF JINGLING! I am keeping up with my book and DVD orders! As long as you order by December 20th, you should get them by the holiday! I send the books PRIORITY MAIL with tracking. I have the week of Christmas off and a few days this coming week, so I can keep up. I decided to keep the ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS: A PORTFOLIO at $50 for a while. I am down to less than 50 first come, first served! I am also still offering the $100 package: both books, the original 1964 RUDOLPH DVD with commercials/DRUMMER BOY with commercials and GRINCH with bank bumpers PLUS the signed PAUL COKER, JR. FROSTY THE SNOWMAN card. PAYPAL: or e-mail me for mailed payments! HAVE A HOLLY, JOLLY CHRISTMAS!

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