Sunday, November 12, 2006


With THANKSGIVING coming up...many RANKIN/BASS Fans think about the RANKIN/BASS TV Classic MOUSE ON THE MAYFLOWER (I actually have that special with the McDonald's commercials off the master tapes) BUT I like to remember the 1966 TV Classic THE BALLAD OF SMOKEY THE BEAR shot in wonderful ANIMAGIC with music by JOHNNY MARKS! I love the ANIMAGIC look and I have a perfect NBC GENERAL ELECTRIC FANTASY HOUR print of the special! JAMES CAGNEY did the storytelling and it is a long lost BUT beautifully done special. SMOKEY was even featured in the MACY'S THANKSGIVING DAY Parade that year and the special aired on THANKSGIVING DAY (I was one years old, so I don't remember that).


Sean Carter said...

Well Thanksgiving does hold a lot of memories for all of us...and it's so nice when you talk about those with your loved ones around....well I'd also like to ask you to visit my Thanksgiving Blog sometime and share all the fun and joy of the celebration....well visit soon and have a great time on Thanksgiving!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! What is your opinion on Michael Eisner (and his minions) banning Walt Disney's immortal "Song of the South" animated film classic.

Rick Goldschmidt said...

I want SONG OF THE SOUTH out on DVD just as much as anyone. My son loves the film and the characters. DISNEY doesn't understand what is special about WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS!