Saturday, March 21, 2020


We have had such a wonderful response to this sale, I believe we will continue it at

Look for an email Sunday morning if you asre on our mailing list.  On Friday we got word that the Illinois printing  plant was shutting down to comply with the governor's order, but the St. Louis plant may stay open and I got a hipment from them today!   We do have stock on some of the sale items too!   We really appreciate all of the business and now is a good time to kick back and read a Rankin/Bass book at 30% off!

   All of my events are being rescheduled!   Jackson Bostwick called me yesterday about our appearance at CHILLER THEATRE June 4=7, 2020!  That is going to be Awesome!  We may have something SHAG aselic coming up too!   All good things to you and your families as we all quarantine!L

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