Wednesday, May 01, 2019


I just got a chance to watch last week's episode of Collector's Call (I caught the end after getting home from New Jersey). I may have to sell Walter Krueger or J.P. my original Romeo Muller script copy of Rankin/Bass' Return to Oz! This weekend Jim Peterik is featured. Jim and I had a nice chat after the Premiere party. I sold a Gibson Les Paul to one of his Survivor band mates last year. Many people saw the Premiere of Collector's Call and I am doing more television because of it. I was recognized at both Midway and Newark Airports and almost everyone at Chiller Theatre told me they saw it, including some of the celebrities and their agents. Michael Nesmith was right about the power of television. Many did not know they could watch the episode with bonus segments online (Which is how I just watched Walter's episode).…/videos/episode-2-nostalgic-toys-and-adve… Me-TV #wednesday #fun

You can watch the episode at

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