Sunday, May 26, 2019

Collector's Call tonight!

Tonight's Collector's Call on #metv is about movie posters. That is my White Christmas poster in the show's open. I have so many

movie posters and lobby cards, I have never counted, nor could I display them all. I just realized I have none of my Jack Davis displayed, but I think I have most of the ones he did. What many don't realize, is how rare the Rankin/Bass film posters are. I know I have the only Frank Frazetta linen-backed Mad Monster Party one-sheet signed by Arthur Rankin (There is a long story about that in my book). Rankin/Bass films had such a limited release, that the promotional material is very scarce. I just recently got my Last Unicorn poster back after lending it for the blu ray release over ten years ago. I didn't even know there was a color Jack Davis one-sheet for Willy McBean & His Magic Machine until I found one about fifteen years ago. I love the classic movie poster art and could care less about the value. If it is a movie I love, I find a poster or a lobby card. #collectorscall #movieposters #film #saturday #onesheets #rickgoldschmidtcollection

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