Tuesday, January 08, 2019

The Best!

I still like the movie upon my third viewing, but watching it a third time I just realized that the end of his life was highly censored, probably due to the involvement of Elvis Presley Enterprises.   0 mention of the beautiful women in his life at the end of his life.  I know there was Ginger and Linda.   There may have been more.  I guess it didn't fit the narrative for the end of his life in this documentary.  I know he had to be happy with beautiful women in his life.  I think he was also happy during the movie years and there was much good during those years, but all interviewed did a beat down on the films and said he wasn't happy.   He sure looked happy in those films and did some amazing things, like his comedy work in Follow That Dream, as one example.   I do agree, as an artist he wasn't growing dramatically, but that changed with the 1968 Comeback special.

I ran into similar censorship with the Rankin/Bass blu ray documentaries of 2018, as did others.  Some of the people involved didn't want the real truth to be told, as it hurts their agenda.  FACT:  Some that went through with interviews were actually censored after the fact, for crediting the talent behind the Rankin/Bass specials, including Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass.  I will talk much more about this in the future.   The truth is always the best policy and this kind of political censorship is wrong and the people doing it, know it.  Greed is a terrible thing.  

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