Sunday, April 30, 2017

Happy Days

I've been watching the first two seasons of Happy Days, since Erin Moran's death.  The filmed episodes are Excellent!  The show "jumped the shark" when it went to a live audience, towards the end of the second season, in my opinion.  Gavan O' Herlihy was the best Chuck!  He decided he wanted out of his contract half way through the first season.  There was a great dynamic there that was lost.  I think they went to a live audience, because it worked for The Odd Couple, but I think the audience cheering went to everyone's heads and the writing took a nose dive quickly.  I can't even watch the episodes after 1975.  I wish they would have kept "Rock around the clock" as the theme in season two also.  The first two seasons need a remastering and for the original music to be restored.  The second season is pathetic with all of the original music replaced.

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