Wednesday, December 21, 2016

All orders from were mailed by 12-20-2016, except for the last 6 orders of the 20th Anniversary book that were placed on 12-17 through 12-19, but we placed another order that will be ready in a few weeks. We can send a gift card notice to the people you are giving it to as a gift, if you order now.

All shirt styles and sizes are in-stock now too!   We even have both versions of MAD MONSTER PARTY in grey with the JACK DAVIS logo on them, which I wasn't expecting.   We have the Christmas R/B, Grey R/B and white R/B now too!  Like I said, we have another order in for 20th Anniversary books, so you could order and secure one and we could send an email to the person you are buying it for...before Christmas.  Our other books are in-stock.

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