Sunday, December 04, 2011

Put a RANKIN/BASS' MAD MONSTER PARTY book under your tree HARD COVER or SOFT COVER...I will sign and draw a character in your book for a personalized gift! You can get it in a BUNDLE with a T-SHIRT and POSTER (on high quality water color paper) too!

I get asked many times during the Holidays...How did you get into this world of RANKIN/BASS? I loved the work of JACK DAVIS and would talk to him degree is in Illustration and I was starting to do some freelance cartooning out of college. I loved the feature film MAD MONSTER PARTY and knew Jack designed it, so I asked him what happened to Arthur and Jules? I had never read much about them. Jack was still doing work for RANKIN/BASS and put me in touch with PAUL COKER, JR. and the rest is history. I couldn't wait to get a book done on RANKIN/BASS' MAD MONSTER PARTY and showcase the work of JACK DAVIS.

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