Friday, December 02, 2011


HAPPY DECEMBER! Check our MEDIA PAGE at for video, radio interview, etc. Email to set up an interview. I am all caught up on orders at ,so if you order items (Including the NEW MAD MONSTER PARTY book), they ship right away! We are running low on HARD order soon!

Some fans have been asking about FAME & FURTUNE..the song and animated segment that was added to RANKIN/BASS' RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER in 1965. Willard Saloff and THE GENERAL ELECTRIC CO. ordered the change. The newly animated segment featured trees that were not decorated, as they were in the original WE'RE A COUPLE OF MISFITS segment. This segment was a BONUS on the DVD when the name RANKIN/BASS was on the cover BUT it has strangely disappeared from the DVD and BLU RAY. Why are there no EXTRAS on the NEW issues? I can not answer that. FAME AND FORTUNE appeared on the network airing of the classic RANKIN/BASS special from 1965 until 1998. Some miss it. I like having it as an extra on the DVD. Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass liked the special as it originally appeared in 1964...and so do I. You can view some of the original 1964 elements on our MEDIA PAGE.

CBS shows a poorly edited version of WE'RE A COUPLE OF MISFITS every year. It combines some of the animation from FAME & FORTUNE with WE'RE A COUPLE OF MISFITS and the mouths on the characters don't even match the words of the song????? I can't explain this. I guess commercials are the priority and the content of the show matters little to them.

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