Tuesday, January 05, 2010


They finally came out with the only season of SUPER FRIENDS I even care about...the first season (1973) BUT WB issued it as a volume 1 (half set) to get more money for the complete season with a vol. 2 at a later date. Full series seasons don't typically cost $50. The packaging looks like it was designed and approved by people that have never even seen the series or are familiar with it at all. While I am glad they have finally released this version, you have to scratch your head and think why they did not use the group shot that Alex Toth (Designer of the series) did (Below)???? If they were not going to use that, they could have used my friend Alex Ross' recreation he did a few years back. Toth's art does include all of the cast members including Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog. Also, TRIVIA CHALLENGE is NOT a BONUS FEATURE :)

Posted by Thomas Frederick

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