Tuesday, September 08, 2009


What looked like a promising release from PARAMOUNT turned out to be a disappointment! They released the first ALVIN SHOW for $14.99 at BEST BUY or $12.99 at TARGET....BUT you only get the one original episode. The episode looks GREAT and PARAMOUNT should release the entire series in a box set for around $24.99....not one episode for half that price.
They added two completely unwatchable things on this disc and call them episodes. One is A CHIPMUNK REUNION (Which resembles CARE BEARS of the 1980's) and the other is THE CHIPMUNKS PRESENT ROCKIN' THROUGH THE DECADES hosted by THE FRESH PRINCE??? After Ross Bagdasarian passed away, his franchise took a left turn that I don't think he ever would have taken. It is sad to see the kinds of things that have been done with his CHIPMUNKS.

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