Saturday, October 07, 2006


Many have asked me about the NEW DVD re-packaging of MAD MONSTER PARTY that ANCHOR BAY released in 2005. It does have the same content on the DVD with a beautiful 35mm transfer of the film and it still contains my 23 page booklet just as it was released in 2002. JULES BASS actually just discovered that BARNES & NOBLE is displaying the film and carrying it in large quantities for HALLOWEEN 2006! I picked a copy up there today as a matter of fact. I was given about 100 copies of the first issue in 2002 and I gave them all away. Look for series 2 of the FUNKO figures coming to a store or comic shop near you!

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Barry Wallace said...

Unfortunately you don't get the booklet when you rent MMP from Netflix :( I hadn't seen this movie since I was a kid watching The Afternoon Movie on TV and had forgotten all about it except for the final scene of the two of them sailing off with the explosion behind them. I rented it after reading about it here and my kids have watched and loved it. Thanks for the reminder and a blast from my past!

I don't suppose the booklet exists on PDF anywhere, does it?