Saturday, July 15, 2006

CHICAGO WIZARD WORLD CON photo opportunity! is going to exhibit the original ANIMAGIC RUDOLPH & SANTA ANIMAGIC figures at the CHICAGO WIZARD WORLD CON and fans will have an opportunity to be photographed with them digitally! There will also be a LIVE SANTA CLAUS to take pictures with and a LIMITED EDITION postcard given out with purchase of the restored puppets! I will also be showing some VERY Rare RANKIN/BASS clips and discussing my work with RANKIN/BASS and some exciting things on the horizon including a RANKIN/BASS Symphony that I will serve as ART DIRECTOR and MAURY LAWS is orchestrating! The Symphony will tour the country in 2007 and appear at all the major venues including the BOSTON POPS!

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Patrick Owsley said...

Hey Rick! -- It's great that you have a blog covering the enchanted world of Rankin/Bass! I look forward to checking it everyday!